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"This band brings the summer heat of the Louisiana bayou, and the rhythm of a train chugging through America’s heartland. Capping the third of three performances aboard last year’s Durango Blues Train, festival director and devoted music-lover, Steve Gumble, made his way to the front of the swaying train car and invited the Tyron Benoit Band to this year’s festival. On that ecstatic August summer night, both band and revelers celebrated with – what else? – more music. Tyron’s accordion dances over the band’s blues-rock-soul engine and his honeyed, deeply felt vocals sing straight to the heart. Boot-scootin’ is fully in order. In fact, dancing to this band is irresistible. Ask anyone on that train last August."

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Review of 2022 album release "Waiting on Friday" by New Orleans' preeminent music magazine:

"While homegrown Louisiana rock is his base, he’s clearly listened to the radio over the years: 'Right Now' has an echoed guitar opening that smacks of U2, while the closing 'Bayouside'—the biggest departure here with its low-fi beatbox sound—has a few echoes of the Barenaked Ladies hit 'One Week.' At his best, Benoit works the territory of vintage Zachary Richard or Wayne Toups: hard-driving, arena-ready rock that keeps the Louisiana elements up front and the accordion high in the mix." 

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From their webpage...  "Listen how (Tyron) serves and steps into his purpose as a father, husband, son and performer daily-bringing joy to our community near and far.  We are elated to share this time with such a talented and decorated human...  His light will inspire you and his music will move you!"


We are honored to have been invited back to play the 2024 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival - one of America's biggest music festivals!  Can't wait to light up the stage!

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"We were playing in Bay St Louis, for Cruising the Coast. I was playing the accordion, some zydeco music, at the time, and the place was packed, everybody dancing, having a blast….and this lady came up to the stage and said, in a beautiful southern Mississippi accent, 'Hey, you got anything we can line-dance to?' I was stumped. I thought to myself, she just called me out, I don’t have one stinking line-dance song..."

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An up-close and personal interview of Tyron from his hometown newspaper, The Times of Houma/Thibodeaux.  

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