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Hard Driving, Arena Ready Rock with Louisiana Heat!!


The true soul of Americana music was borne out of hard labor and hard liquor, toil and relief - all done under the watchful eyes of Heaven:  man forever dreading judgment and needing hope and grace.  


This duality of the human condition is found among so many of America's best musicians, and Tyron - a combat Marine vet and family man - understands and conveys it intimately.  From bawdy, hard-driving music, frequently punctuated by the distinct Louisiana stamp of dance-floor packing accordion and growling electric guitars…  to tender songs about loss and love with the purr of an acoustic guitar, this is an artist that decidedly feels like home.  


Tyron leans heavily on a deep range of musical influences: rock and roll, country, and some native Louisiana zydeco.  His stage presence alternates between a fiery revival tent preacher - and a soothing singer/songwriter in the vein of Don Henley.  His range is wide, but there is a common thread that weaves through his music that is immediately recognizable and familiar as a Thanksgiving family meal or a tailgate party.  


Take a step back in time to the future of American music, for he is just taking off...

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