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Tyron Benoit Band Logo

"Hard-driving, arena-ready rock that keeps the Louisiana elements up front and the accordion high in the mix!"

- Offbeat Magazine


"This band brings the summer heat of the Louisiana bayou, and the rhythm of a train chugging through America’s heartland...  Tyron’s accordion dances over the band’s blues-rock-soul engine and his honeyed, deeply felt vocals sing straight to the heart. Boot-scootin’ is fully in order. In fact, dancing to this band is irresistible."

- SBG Productions (Durango Blues Train, Telluride Blues and Brews)


Yes indeed.  Tyron Benoit continues to make a name for himself on stage after stage, with a growing list of festival invitations.  He is most certainly known for his bawdy, hard-driving music, frequently punctuated by the distinct Louisiana stamp of dance-floor packing accordion, alongside growling electric guitars and an unstoppable rhythm section…  


But he's also a true singer/songwriter with an array of tender ballads about life, love, and loss.  He served in combat as a United States Marine, is a devoted family man, and writes music from the heart...


His stage presence alternates between a fiery revival tent preacher - and a soulful troubadour.  His energy is electric and his range is wide, but there is a common thread that weaves through his music that is familiar as a Thanksgiving family meal or a house party.  And the fan base just keeps growing.


Take a step back in time to the future of American music...

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