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We are honored to have been selected to play this year's JazzFest - one of America's favorite music festivals! Looking forward to lighting up the stage!

Review of 2022 album release "Waiting on Friday" by New Orleans' preeminent music magazine:

"While homegrown Louisiana rock is his base, he’s clearly listened to the radio over the years: 'Right Now' has an echoed guitar opening that smacks of U2, while the closing 'Bayouside'—the biggest departure here with its low-fi beatbox sound—has a few echoes of the Barenaked Ladies hit 'One Week.' At his best, Benoit works the territory of vintage Zachary Richard or Wayne Toups: hard-driving, arena-ready rock that keeps the Louisiana elements up front and the accordion high in the mix." 

From their webpage...  "Listen how (Tyron) serves and steps into his purpose as a father, husband, son and performer daily-bringing joy to our community near and far.  We are elated to share this time with such a talented and decorated human...  His light will inspire you and his music will move you!"

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